Smart Replacement Parts

Smart Replacement Parts are products born from mechanical workshop demands and designed in partnership with our parent company Grant Walker Parts who have built a reputation for Trust and Knowledge over the past 40 years.

  • Smart Designs
  • Value for money pricing
  • Quality German components
  • Consistent service and product your workshop deserves
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Why SRP parts?

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highest quality parts
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cheapest australia wide delivery
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Over 500+ unique part types in stock
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12 month warranty


8C1R7003BA Ford Transit 2006 – 2012 VM 2.4 Turbo Diesel Part Number: 8C1R7003BA Problems: VM Transit gearbox failures are mainly due to weak quality components. One of the most significant issues is the three front bearings on the main shaft collapsing due to these poor-quality made bearings. Its a problem that needs to be identified […]
  Ford Transit ASM VH – VJ AUTO SHIFT MANUAL ASM HIGH PRESSURE SHIFT PUMP Ford Transit ASM shift pump failure Part number: 1C1R7M168DB Problem: The third generation Ford Transit was introduced with a new system called the Auto Shift Manual transmission. This was a nice feature which allowed for the switching between Automatic and […]
Ford Falcon low level coolant sensor Few years ago Ford Motor Company made EA10K888A ONR; in other words, deleted from their inventory. It caught the car industry by surprise as it was and still is a very popular part. A common sign of a failing low level coolant sensor is the annoying low coolant light […]
2011 – 2019 VW Amarok Manual – 4×4 Models Smart Replacement Parts (SRP) supplies reconditioned tail shafts to suit Volkswagen Amarok 4×4 4WD. Problems arise in the factory Volkswagen tail shafts from faulty universal joints. We remedy this by using a revised O.E.M German made universal joint. Our tail shafts are also replaced with brand […]
Ford Territory SZ Tail Shafts SZ 2.7 Diesel 2WD & AWD Part number: ER7Z4R602C or AR7Z4A377AA Problem: Does your ford territory clunk, bang or vibrate? Your tail shaft may be worn and need replacement. Does it look like the photo above? Solution: Fit one of our Balanced SRP Reco Tail Shaft With built with quality […]

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