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Smart Replacement Parts are products born from mechanical workshop demands and designed in partnership with our parent company Grant Walker Parts who have built a reputation for Trust and Knowledge over the past 40 years.

  • Smart Designs
  • Value for money pricing
  • Quality German components
  • Consistent service and product your workshop deserves
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Why SRP parts?

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highest quality parts
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cheapest australia wide delivery
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Over 500+ unique part types in stock
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12 month warranty


A reconditioned engine that is for sale is a unit that has been stripped or disassembled, cleaned, and may have had some damaged components replaced before being rebuilt to perfect working order. In contrast, a remanufactured engine returned to the vehicle manufacturer’s original factory specification. Reconditioned engines are used engines that have had modifications. These […]
Your seat belt must always be in perfect working order for obvious safety reasons. If your rear seat belt has worn belts or broken locks, it should be replaced right away using quality Toyota appropriate parts. Seat belt parts should always exceed ADR regulations, whether you drive a Prius, Landcruiser or another Toyota. These essential […]
Your most loved Ford Falcon sedan, wagon or ute needs are reliable Vialle LPG Converter to keep it running like new.  Your BA, BF or FG falcon has most likely had an LPG converter failure and you need a reasonably priced replacement.  Smart Replacement Parts can offer you two fantastic options based on your budget.  […]
When purchasing reconditioned parts from us you will hear the words “Change Over” or “Exchange Basis” or even “Core Deposit Charge” and you wonder what it means? Reconditioning parts is our core business, so it’s very important for us to get your old part back when we send out your reconditioned unit. If your old […]
Your tailgate hinges are an essential part of your Ford Territory. They constitute the pivot point on which your Ford Territory’s rear window rotates when you open and close it. You’ll find them at the top of the tailgate, at the back of your vehicle. That way, it keeps the tailgate or boot in place […]
A vehicle’s engine is like what a heart is to our bodies. So when you have a Ford Transit cargo van, you need a robust and powerful engine to go with it, and to be assured of its reliability! With that in mind, it becomes important to always have an idea of what goes on […]
8C1R7003BA Ford Transit 2006 – 2012 VM 2.4 Turbo Diesel Part Number: 8C1R7003BA Problems: VM Transit gearbox failures are mainly due to weak quality components. One of the most significant issues is the three front bearings on the main shaft collapsing due to these poor-quality made bearings. Its a problem that needs to be identified […]
  Ford Transit ASM VH – VJ AUTO SHIFT MANUAL ASM HIGH PRESSURE SHIFT PUMP Ford Transit ASM shift pump failure Part number: 1C1R7M168DB Problem: The third generation Ford Transit was introduced with a new system called the Auto Shift Manual transmission. This was a nice feature which allowed for the switching between Automatic and […]
2011 – 2019 VW Amarok Manual – 4×4 Models Smart Replacement Parts (SRP) supplies reconditioned tail shafts to suit Volkswagen Amarok 4×4 4WD. Problems arise in the factory Volkswagen tail shafts from faulty universal joints. We remedy this by using a revised O.E.M German made universal joint. Our tail shafts are also replaced with brand […]
Ford Territory SZ Tail Shafts SZ 2.7 Diesel 2WD & AWD Part number: ER7Z4R602C or AR7Z4A377AA Problem: Does your ford territory clunk, bang or vibrate? Your tail shaft may be worn and need replacement. Does it look like the photo above? Solution: Fit one of our Balanced SRP Reco Tail Shaft With built with quality […]

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